FAST Sintering or Field Assisted Sintering Technology

FAST Sintering or Field Assisted Sintering Technology

FAST Sintering : a new process, more efficient than traditional sintering

FAST Sintering (or Field Assisted Sintering Technology), is a process that allows the production of more resistant and high-density materials from powders. 

It’s a sintering method that uses pulsed DC (direct current) and uniaxial pressure to provide a quick heating and a high rate of consolidation.

This manufacturing process is also known as Pulsed Electrical Current Sintering (PECS) or Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS).


Here are the main production  stages:  

  • Powders are placed in a mold (usually made of graphite) between two electrodes,
  • A pulsed DC (PDC or pulsed direct current) is applied and runs through the material, producing an electric field with a plasma effect,
  • This plasma effect creates intense local heat, which quickly heats the powder,
  • Meanwhile, uniaxial pressure is applied, helping to consolidate the material.
flash sintering sputtering targets PVD

High-value benefits of FAST Sintering for the industry


Sintermat industrializes Field Assisted Sintering Technology

Sintermat is one of the few specialists in the industrialization of this innovative technology.

Through FAST Sintering, we produce parts for industries such as aeronautics, luxury, industrial tools, defense, and energy. 

Our company can, for example, manufacture metal/ceramic composites – Cermet -, tungsten carbide parts without binder, or parts based on bio-sourced materials.

flash sintering sputtering targets PVD ceramic

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