The advisory board

Sharing expertise and experience

In late 2018, SINTERMAT decided to set up an advisory board. This board plays a vital role. It involves “Creating a dynamic corporate project.” In other words, questioning, proposing different viewpoints, exploring new areas and formulating new development strategies.

Its various missions are:

  • Helping the director and operational team to set up operational steering tools, defining good performance indicators, anticipating risks, analyzing discrepancies and taking corrective measures.

  • Contributing managerial, sectoral, sales and industrial experience, among others.
  • Facilitating contacts, accelerating access to targeted markets and opening up professional networks.
  • Helping the director and operational team to take a step back, question the development strategy and to focus on the medium and long terms.

The board is independent and subject to confidentiality. Its role is purely advisory.

The SINTERMAT advisory board meets for one day 4 times per year. There are 7 specialists on the board:

  • A venture capital investor specializing in Defense
  • A university professor recognized in the field of powders and sintered materials
  • The President of a global manufacturer of stainless-steel weld-free piping
  • The President of an investment and consultancy structure specializing in the support of start-ups

  • A serial entrepreneur and a business development manager of a structure promoting the transfer of technology
  • The supply chain Director of a large luxury goods group
  • A digital and innovation specialist of a global IT giant

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