A collective mission

4 values shared by our employees


By proposing totally original materials and a broad range of shades, SINTERMAT is constantly innovating and ceaselessly pushing back the boundaries of creativity. For us, every new request from a client constitutes a new challenge and helps us grow.


SINTERMAT is committed to respecting the origins as well as the intrinsic technological and aesthetic properties of the raw materials. We transform the material while respecting nature, humans, regulations and ethics.


SINTERMAT guarantees high technological performance and quality levels to meet the most stringent requirements of our industries. We are continually improving our processes and products to satisfy our clients. We use an agile approach to attain the best performances.


By recycling materials and reducing raw material imports, SINTERMAT is taking a responsible role in environmental, social and economic innovation. We hope to contribute positively to the ecosystems we interact with by improving quality of life and creating value.

Innovation at the heart of SINTERMAT

Conceiving new materials by going beyond established frontiers

With our clients, we combine our expertise and advanced technologies to develop new concepts and propose completely original products.
Working with our numerous partners (universities, research laboratories, etc.), we are ever developing our fields of expertise and pushing back the limits a little further each time.
As a trailblazer in advanced flash sintering applications, we are safeguarding our innovations and have already filed several patents in France and abroad.


Our strength for success

The talents of our workforce

SINTERMAT is a medium-sized company and therefore able to offer our employees the opportunity to show off their potential in a stimulating and innovative environment.

We regularly set up training and development initiatives for every employee to determine and advance their career path.

We have a strong company culture that includes listening, team spirit, discussions and collective decision-making. This is expressed through a caring management team, led by the founder, Foad Naimi.

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