Luxury goods

Luxury goods

An enhanced material and new emotions

Exceptional materials for the luxury goods sector

The luxury goods industry is currently facing numerous challenges, such as improving production, cutting down on the use of raw materials, offering innovative products and new experiences to clients and reducing environmental impact.

SINTERMAT designs original and creative parts for the luxury goods industry for luxury homes, brands, designer goods, etc. (fashion, clock and watchmaking, jewelry, glasses and eye wear, cosmetics, leather goods, etc.).

We are developing a collection of materials under patent and with short-term exclusivity.

Example : colored ceramics for watches and jewelry.

We offer luxury brands:

Innovative materials

Augmented materials with controlled performances

Thanks to our process, our materials are ultra-high performance and have totally original technical characteristics: better corrosion resistance, improved mechanical properties, extended life span, lighter weight, etc.

An extremely quick production cycle

The flash sintering/SPS method is easy and quick to implement—some parts can be produced in less than an hour. There are fewer production stages (pre-compaction, compaction and cooling). The machining stage may even be completely avoided in some cases.

Customized design

We can combine several materials without the need for additives, resulting in multi-materials. The multiple customization options (shade, material, texture, etc.) offer limitless creativity.

An eco-friendly solution

Our process works using industrial materials (metal, ceramics, etc.) as well as bio-based materials (wood, plants, etc.). Manufacturing is environmentally-friendly: fewer stages, less raw material waste, controlled heating and cooling, consumption of the material kept to a bare minimum thanks to Near Net Shape or even Net Shape production.

Client cases: Watch bezels

The Client, a French group specializing in microtechnologies and the luxury goods industry, called upon SINTERMAT to develop watch bezels with superior properties and exclusive aesthetics. Based on precise specifications for the expected properties, work commenced in close collaboration with the client.

Client benefits:

In short, a stronger watch bezel with completely original aesthetics. The Client has exclusivity for their market.

Have you got a project?

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